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Health Care Plan Changes Approved

On Monday, November 26 statewide administration informed JHCC leadership of their intent to go forward with JHCC’s nine motions and changes to our FY14 health care benefit. Click here to read the memorandum.


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JHCC Recommended Changes to Health Care Benefit

**Please note the JHCC memorandum has been updated from the original post.

On October 16 and 17 the Joint Health Care Committee met to review the suggestions coming out of the Health Care Task Force.  At that meeting they passed eight motions recommending changes to our health care benefit to the statewide administration.  They forwarded these motions to the administration on November 1. Please read the JHCC motions for details.

Two changes were recommended that have received mixed responses from staff. They are a spousal surcharge and taking away the Opt Out choice. Please note that the staff representatives on the JHCC voted against taking away the Opt Out. The Staff Health Care Committee will meet on November 27 to discuss these changes. We’d like to hear from you before we take a position with the administration on the changes. Please leave your comments here and/or email Donald Smith, Chief Human Resources Officer at or Juella Sparks, chair of Staff Alliance at .


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FY14 Compensation Memo From President Gamble

On November 1 Staff Alliance members received the following memorandum from UA President Pat Gamble regarding the staff compensation increase for the FY14 budget. A 3.25% increase has been included in the operating budget being brought before the Board of Regents Wednesday Nov. 7  for their approval. Staff Alliance Chair Juella Sparks will be there to give a report from governance and observe the proceedings.

What do you think of this compensation increase? We will report back on how the Regents vote. Please stay in touch!

StaffCompensationMemo From President Gamble to Staff Alliance.

UPDATE: The Board of Regents approved the FY14 budget with the 3.25% increase for staff. The budget will now go to the Gov. Sean Parnell for his consideration.


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