JHCC Recommended Changes to Health Care Benefit

**Please note the JHCC memorandum has been updated from the original post.

On October 16 and 17 the Joint Health Care Committee met to review the suggestions coming out of the Health Care Task Force.  At that meeting they passed eight motions recommending changes to our health care benefit to the statewide administration.  They forwarded these motions to the administration on November 1. Please read the JHCC motions for details.

Two changes were recommended that have received mixed responses from staff. They are a spousal surcharge and taking away the Opt Out choice. Please note that the staff representatives on the JHCC voted against taking away the Opt Out. The Staff Health Care Committee will meet on November 27 to discuss these changes. We’d like to hear from you before we take a position with the administration on the changes. Please leave your comments here and/or email Donald Smith, Chief Human Resources Officer at donald.smith@alaska.edu or Juella Sparks, chair of Staff Alliance at juella.sparks@alaska.edu .



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7 responses to “JHCC Recommended Changes to Health Care Benefit

  1. Claudia

    Leave in the opt-out version for military members and their spouses. Military members have earned their heath insurance for their long service to our country and their sacrifices. They should have the right to use that health insurance without being forced to pay for additional health insurance that they don’t need.

  2. Sue

    I am trying to discern why it is necessary to have the “opt out” option removed. Is there a way of finding that out? If it is because too many people are opting out of the health insurance here at UAA, then wouldn’t that indicate there is something inherently wrong with the insurance plans offered? A person who has a military spouse already has medical provided and does not need the additional insurance. This also can apply to those employees who have spouses that have medical insurance with lower deductibles and a lower premium than UAA does. When each spouse is employed, it only makes sense that they will sit down and choose the best health benefit plan that is overall the most economically savvy for their family. Forcing employees to choose a higher cost health insurance over one that is much lower and is more economically beneficial for a family is overall not a good practice. It could be viewed by an employee as a lack of caring by the employer in regards to their family’s financial situation, especially in hard economic times.

  3. Carol

    I should be able to opt out if I want to as an employee. My spouse should not have a surcharge because he has his own insurance at his corporation. What other ridiculous ideas can you come up with? Charging for pets next?

  4. Tami

    I do not agree with the opt-out or surcharge recommendations and feel that it takes away from our options to find the most economical health insurance. I don’t need to pay for two insurance plans. I already pay extra to have my spouse on the health plan, why pay a surcharge on top of that?

  5. Eva

    Adding a surcharge for a spouse that has insurance available through their place of employment doesn’t make sense, especially after removing the opt out penalty. It may cause UA employees to just get their insurance through their spouse’s plans and drop UA’s themselves. Isn’t part of the cost issue that too many staff opted out of UA;s plan and that left a budget shortfall? And how is it fair that a family is penalized if they choose to have insurance through UA and penalized if they don’t? Finally, what about adult children who have the option of getting coverage through their employers? Will their Be a penalty for having them on the plan?

    Damned if I do, damned if I don’t! Unhappy with the ridiculous changes to what used to be the UA benefit I was most grateful for, and the benefit that would keep me from ever leaving – not anymore. I can’t keep working doing the same job and more, for less money every year and I can’t believe that UA thinks that staff should/will do so.

  6. Sandra

    I know its too late for my comment to be useful but as my governance body just informed me of this website I am going to state my feelings anyway.

    I have a huge problem with motion 7. charging me more per child. Healthcare for our children are not what are driving up the cost of our healthcare. My kids rarely if ever get sick and we never mange to meet out deductible each year.

    The rise in health cost are due to people aging out in the systems that require more medical treatment as they age.

    my seven year old isn’t getting triple bypass surgery because of poor lifestyle choices.

    my four year old isn’t fighting type two diabetes because of obesity and lack of exercise.

    At most, my kids use the preventive to keep their shots up to date and get their physicals for school.

    If my kids do get sick it is usually an ear infection or cold, Nothing that they can do about that and we always end up paying the full bill as we never meet out deductible.

    Not only have you tripled the cost of choosing the High deductible plan but now I should have to pay more because I have 3 healthy kids verses the one employee paying less to just cover themselves and smoking, eating high fat foods and sitting on their butts.

    Those are the people that are causing our rates to skyrocket. I in no way think they should be denied care but I don’t think I should have to pay more per dependent who is really not benefiting from the plan anyway.

  7. Lana

    I cannot afford all these increases to the cost of my health insurance. I am already making $140 less a month as of July 1, 2012…. That is a pretty substantial amount of money..

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