December Regents Meeting Recap

During Donald Smith’s Human Resources report to the regents last week, he brought up the JHCC motions and provided copies to the regents. He incorrectly labeled these as “recommendations” from last summer’s Health Care Task Force. The HCTF specifically directed that these were to be considered suggestions to the JHCC not recommendations. Their point was to emphasize that these should be thoroughly discussed and reviewed before going forward.

The GOOD NEWS is that a few of the regents questioned whether or not taking away the Opt Out was a good idea, both fiscally and in fairness to current employees. Following Donald Smith’s report, President Gamble informed the regents that he was asking the JHCC to hold town-hall style sessions to get more input on Motion #6 (removing the Opt Out option) and all the motions. He indicated that although Donald Smith has endorsed the motions, “NOTHING IS FINAL YET.”

We encourage you to keep an eye on this blog for information on the opportunities to provide input directly to the JHCC. You should also read the administration’s article on the motions at:


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  1. Jamie

    I would welcome the chance to attend a town hall meeting to learn more about proposed changes and ask my question.

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