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Good News from JHCC!!

The Joint Health Care Committee (JHCC) met today and the Staff Alliance representatives have reported that the committee RESCINDED their motions to end the employee opt-out and to charge a working spouse surcharge! A big thanks to all employees who provided your comments here, to their staff representatives and at the recent forums!



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Fall 2012 Work/Life Survey Results Part II

AllianceSurveyPart2 Staff Alliance has completed our review of part two of the Staff Work/Life survey results. The information included here covers the statements on; facilities, workplace and security, supervisor relationships, work environment and work/life balance. The report format includes a breakdown of how many responses were positive or negative and a synopsis of the comments. From the comments received we identified logical conversations and tasks for staff governance to begin with statewide and campus administration and our constituents.

Please give us your feedback and ideas by commenting here or emailing your governance representatives.

Click here to see part two of the survey results. AllianceSurveyPart2


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