Staff Compensation Working Group Proposals

Staff Alliance is pleased to share the results of the efforts of our 2012/2013 Compensation Working Group. Given the increasing scrutiny of, and uncertainty about, annual staff compensation increases, the special working group was convened to look at other ways to recognize and reward the value of staff work for the university. They generated eight proposals which the Staff Alliance supports and will bring forward to systemwide administration for discussion.

Please Review the 5 draft proposals already approved by Staff Alliance to forward to the administration :
Bonus system: Finalcomp_proposal2013_bonus_system
Flex Time: Finalcomp_proposal2013_flex_sched
Volunteer Leave: Finalcomp_proposal2013_volunteer_leave_time.docx
Geo Diff: Finalcomp_proposal2013_geo_diff
Sick Leave: Finalcomp_proposal2013_sick_leave

Additional proposals under development:
Veteran’s Day Holiday Leave
Leave Accrual
Longevity Recognition

As always we encourage you to comment or provide feedback on any of these proposals here, or contact your staff council representatives directly. Thanks.


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