SA Chair Report, BOR Meeting 2/20/14

The following information was delivered as testimony to the Board of Regents during the February 20, 2014 session:

1. The Staff Makes Students Count Award deadline is Friday, February 21. Each university and statewide governance offices along with their staff councils are promoting the information and coordinating the set-up of nomination review committees for this prestigious award.

2. Staff Alliance met on February 11 and was joined by Anne Sakumoto, Director, Faculty and Staff Training and Development. Anne presented an update on SkillSoft and its resources. Staff Alliance has long been an advocate for E-Learning as an opportunity for certification attainment, skill building, and professional development. The SkillSoft contract is good through January 2015.

3. Shaping Alaska’s Future: Staff Alliance has been in regular contact with Dr. Dana Thomas providing feedback from Staff Governance throughout the draft process. The latest draft required input from Staff Alliance as the collective voice of our local staff governance groups. We would like to express appreciation to Dr. Thomas and President Gamble for inclusion in this process.

4. Staff Alliance is preparing for its annual retreat to be held March 11 and 12 in Fairbanks, AK. This is an opportunity for our group to provide closure to outstanding topics of interest and concern and to brainstorm our strategic plan for the upcoming year.

5. Staff Alliance is pleased that the newly developed Summit Team will allow increased input from Staff Alliance on matters that impact our collective universities. It is a welcomed gesture and we would like to express our appreciation. Local governance groups are embarking on a campaign to provide updated literature and visual aids to attract staff to the governance process.

— Carey D. Brown, Staff Alliance Chair


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