About Staff Alliance

The UA Staff Alliance was born out of the governance restructuring that took place between 1989 and 1993. Prior to the 1993-1994 academic year, staff, students, faculty and alumni were represented through the University of Alaska General Assembly (also known as the Statewide Assembly). The General Assembly Executive Committee was usually made up of staff and faculty and conducted most of the regular business.

Today, the Staff Alliance exists alongside the Faculty Alliance, the Coalition of Student Leaders and the System Governance Council. The Faculty Alliance is composed of three representatives each from the UAA Faculty Senate, the UAS Faculty Council, and the UAF Faculty Senate. The Coalition of Student Leaders is primarily composed of the student body presidents of roughly eleven UA campuses and is normally chaired by the Student Regent. The System Governance Council is made up of four student, four staff, three faculty, and (non-voting) alumni representatives. Each group tackles issues that are specific to its constituents (students, staff, or faculty). The Council is a place where issues are discussed that impact more than one constituency or which effect the entire university community statewide.


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