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Fall 2012 Work/Life Survey Results Part II

AllianceSurveyPart2 Staff Alliance has completed our review of part two of the Staff Work/Life survey results. The information included here covers the statements on; facilities, workplace and security, supervisor relationships, work environment and work/life balance. The report format includes a breakdown of how many responses were positive or negative and a synopsis of the comments. From the comments received we identified logical conversations and tasks for staff governance to begin with statewide and campus administration and our constituents.

Please give us your feedback and ideas by commenting here or emailing your governance representatives.

Click here to see part two of the survey results. AllianceSurveyPart2



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Fall 2012 work/life survey results

AllianceSurveyPart1     UA Staff Alliance is pleased to share the results of our Fall 2012 work/life survey. We received over 800 responses with hundreds of comments! We will review and distribute the results in four groups to give us more time to analyze the data and draft actions for your information and feedback.

Staff Alliance is launching this blog to improve communications out to all non-represented staff at the University of Alaska and to get your feedback. We will announce issues or changes we need your feedback on through email but encourage you to comment and initiate discussions on this blog.

Over the coming year, there will be many changes of concern and importance to staff. Things like changes to your health care benefit, a new performance evaluation form, changes to the grievance process and discussions on how to reward longevity and excellence among staff. We welcome your comments so we can be more effective advocates on behalf of non-represented staff.

So lets start talking! And thanks for your great response to our work/life survey.

Click here to see part one of the survey results. AllianceSurveyPart1


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