Governance at UA

Governance structure










Shared governance in the UA System is part of UA Board of Regents policy:

REGENTS’ POLICY PART III – FACULTY, STAFF AND STUDENT GOVERNANCE Chapter 03.01 – Faculty, Staff and Student Governance

P03.01.010. Faculty, Staff, and Student Governance.

A. The opportunity for faculty, staff and students to participate in the governance of the university is important to its effective operation. The board intends that faculty, staff and student participation in university governance be an integral part of the university community’s culture.

B. After consultation with university faculty, staff and students, the president shall establish by university regulation the systemwide governance structure and its constituent organizations. The structure shall include a systemwide organization for faculty, staff and students; an alliance of faculty senates; an alliance of classified and administrative/professional/technical staff; an intercampus student network; and appropriate campus constituent organizations.

C. Constitutions for each systemwide organization are subject to the approval of the president. Constitutions for campus employee organizations are subject to the approval of the cognizant chancellor. Student government constitutions are subject to P09.01. The roles and responsibilities for each systemwide organization shall be entered into university regulation.

D. Governance organizations shall carry out their functions subject to the authority of the board and the president and chancellors . The organizations’ purposes are to:

1. provide an effective opportunity for university faculty, staff and students to play a meaningful role in matters affecting their welfare;

2. represent the viewpoints of university faculty, staff and students on regents’ policy, university regulation, and other matters affecting the interests of the university;

3. address through legislative action other matters as described in their approved constitutions;

4. advise the president and chancellors in a timely fashion and in a manner set forth in individual organizational constitutions; and

5. communicate to faculty, staff and students information which is of interest and concern to the university.

E. The president and the chancellors shall respond to actions taken by governance groups in a timely fashion as described in the approved constitutions.

F.Participants in governance shall carry out their governance responsibilities in good faith and to the best of their abilities without fear of reprisal. Spokespersons for governance groups may present their views directly to the board in accordance with board procedures.




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